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a balance of head and heart

What if one firm could address the human dynamics you need and want to talk about, PLUS the tangibles and metrics you have to consider… with equal rigor? That’s what telos is built to do.”
-Wendy Blaszak, chief consulting officer

telos’ strength is rooted in the quality and character of our team: a world-class cohort of talent, uniquely equipped as agents of transformation and progress.

rooted in quality and character

We're here to meet, guide & inspire

telos brings the acumen, the depth of insight, and capacity of a large global organizational development firm together with the agility and customized approach clients deserve.

This tailored approach is expressed every day in the most human possible terms by the telos people who meet, guide and inspire your people.

It isn’t simply intelligence, or command of a particular discipline that sets telos consultants apart. What really resonates with our clients is the recognition that the consultant sitting across the table has been thoughtfully selected and has the experience to meet them “where they are.” Not simply as bright and highly perceptive, but as a dynamic, emotionally connected human being.

More About Our Philosophy

the key telos differentiator

a balance of head and heart

The key telos differentiator – what elevates the telos client experience – is a balance of head and heart. Our consultants have the rare ability to address the human dynamics leaders face as effectively as they can address their business issues.

Internally we refer to this as providing a holistic, “neck-up/neck-down” experience.

Neck-up capacity allows our consultants to connect intellectually with senior leaders, understand the challenges and opportunities they face and provide the thoughtful insight they need and want.

A neck-down reality recognizes that experience is simply not enough. telos consultants also come to the table with empathy; able to engage the whole person and address every aspect of being a leader.

Result: you, your teams and your organization will engage with…

Consultants who are…

  • Confident enough to ‘speak truth to power’ and able to challenge preconceptions constructively.
  • Able to earn clients’ trust through honesty, integrity, and authenticity.
  • Life-long and continuous learners accomplished in using the telos methodologies to unleash the power of liminal space and thereby address issues of strategy, leadership and change.
  • Active and engaged listeners who ask good questions and listen intently to hear beyond what is simply being said.

Consultants who can…

  • Leverage deep experience to solve difficult problems and offer practical suggestions.
  • Adapt quickly, share ideas, and help others articulate a vision clearly.
  • Handle ambiguity effectively when paths forward are unclear.

Consultants who will…

  • Help others articulate a vision, “connect the dots,” and paint a credible picture of possibilities.
  • Think conceptually and strategically to see opportunities for synergy and integration where others can’t.
  • Advance leaders’ capabilities by focusing on personal and professional development.

These capabilities are what it takes to deliver the results our clients seek: to meet them at their own inflection points, where real change can occur, and help individuals, teams, and organizations drive meaningful, sustainable change. To liberate greatness.

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