“with the end in mind.”

the telos institute is where the world’s leaders in business and industry come to hone their leadership skills, optimize their business strategy, and embrace change as a strategic advantage. Progress in these pivotal areas serves as a means for transforming themselves and their organizations.

At telos, our focus is on achievement and the factors that contribute to personal and organizational success. We operate on the belief that accomplishment in any form of human endeavor is rooted in several primary factors including a clarity of purpose and a compelling vision of the future.


“telos” is the Greek word first used by Aristotle to mean “with the end in mind.” Our work confirms that liberating the energy necessary for clients to reach their aspired destinations requires, first and foremost, a mindful and deliberate approach to defining outcomes.”

a lower case approach

Our use of lowercase for the telos institute is deliberate. We believe all the intellect, ambition, energy, and creativity necessary for clients to reach their chosen destinations reside within them – not us. We assume a guiding and reflective role – a lower case approach – to help them discover and re-discover where those resources reside, in order to drive the outcomes they genuinely want.

guiding principles