Liminal Space

Developing thoughtful, focused, ready-now senior leaders in today’s dynamic world requires more than a standard training curriculum or a prescribed download of skills. Instead, the path to unearthing elevated capabilities is most efficiently and effectively accomplished by engaging in choice-driven liminal space.

Watch our chief knowledge officer, amy simmons, speak at DisruptHR on the impact of liminal space.


telos defines liminal space as a period of discontinuity that creates an openness to change.

We have created a powerful methodology for individuals, teams, and organizations that unleashes the power of liminal space to address issues of strategy, leadership, and change.

the true experience

of liminal space

A true liminal space experience, whether naturally occurring or choice-driven, often includes:

  • the serious exploration of complicated intellectual and emotional questions
  • time spent in a setting where curiosity and discovery are the source of meaning
  • opportunities to productively challenge oneself

The real power of liminal space resides in its accessibility; the opportunity exists to create liminal space in almost any situation. Equipped with this awareness, knowledge, and the right tools, we can optimize change at all levels of the organization.

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