higher level thinking about leadership

“telos” is a Greek word first used by Aristotle to mean “with the end in mind”. Liberating the energy necessary for clients to reach their aspired destinations requires, first and foremost, understanding what and where those destinations actually are.

Our Philosophy

coaching/ consulting

The telos coaching/consulting engagement is not so much process as partnership. (Too much focus on “process” invariably creates superficial result.) Our approach depends on guided exploration, self-examination and self-knowledge… not on arbitrary process. It is individual and dynamic.

We are not “teachers” or “trainers.” Our coaches and consultants help senior leaders draw on their own experiences, to raise awareness of when they were at their best and why, and to catalog that self-knowledge so they can continue to drive great outcomes – to replicate and amplify success.

Meet Our Team

telos leadership foundation

the telos leadership foundation was established by telos’ founding partners to provide transformational leadership development opportunities for young people. The fund, managed by The Cleveland Foundation, will make grants to organizations that deliver programs proven to help young people develop into positive, emotionally and socially aware leaders.

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